Octopus Go Tariff

Octopus Go is an electricity tariff with a cheap rate for four hours every night (between 00:30 and 4.30 am) and a competitive flat rate for the other 20 hours of the day.

The Go tariff is perfect for Electric Vehicle (EV) owners, those with Solar PV batteries, immersion / storage heaters or anyone that can run high usage appliances overnight.

You can find out more information about the Go tariff on the Octopus website.

Note: Octopus changed their T&Cs to make Go an EV only tariff. So you need to own an EV to get this tariff.

Octopus Go Tariff Pricing

Go Faster Tariffs

Go Faster a collection of tariffs that are slight variations on the original Go.

They are different in that the cheaper periods can be 4 or 5 hours long and with various starting times from as early as 9:30pm through to 01:30am.

With the discounted period being different lengths to the original Go tariff, the discounted pricing can be slightly higher or lower too.

The flat rate outside of the discounted period stays the same across all variations of Go and Go Faster. Although this can be different depending which DNO regional area you are in. ie Yorkshire is different to Southern Scotland for example.

As of December 2021 there were 10 different variations of Go Faster for each of the 14 DNO regional areas.

The Go Faster tariffs have names such as:

  • GO-4H-0230
  • GO-5H-2130

As you can imagine, there isn’t room to show all 140 tariff combinations on this screen, so you will be able to find the pricing data for the Go Faster tariffs over on the Dashboard feature for your regional area.

Once on Dashboard, just click on the name of the tariff below the Go Faster graph to isolate and show each individual tariff pricing.

I would suggest changing the Dashboard time frame to ‘Last 7 days’ to get the best view of the Go and Go Faster tariffs.

Here is an example screen grab of what you can expect to see over on Dashboards. Check on Dashboards for the latest tariff prices.

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