We are showing data from Octopus Energy’s Agile tariff.

Agile works by tracking daily wholesale energy prices and providing the next days pricing sometime after 4pm for the day before. The pricing can change every 30 minutes, so you need a smart meter. But knowing pricing ahead you can plan your usage accordingly.

The agile tariff is perfect for those with Solar PV, Electric Cars, Immersion/Storage heaters or people that can shift their usage away from the 4pm to 7pm peak.

We also have a page dedicated to Agile ‘price plunges’, which is when pricing goes negative and end users get paid to take energy off the grid.

Use the menu above or links below to show detailed graphs for your geographic area.

Note: The site only pulls the most current version of the Agile tariff.

Like other tariffs, Agile has changed to track the global market forces. Here a list of the recent changes and the relevant API code. (The number format is Year, Month, Day)

  • AGILE-18-02-21 – The original version capped at 35p per unit
  • AGILE-22-07-22 – The cap rose to 55p
  • AGILE-22-08-31 – The cap was increased to 78p
  • AGILE-VAR-22-10-19 – This version raised the cap to £1 per unit and also introduced a new formula.
  • AGILE-FLEX-22-11-25 – Cap stays at £1 per unit but new formula only deducts 17.9p from higher unit prices.

You can read about the new formula and how it includes the Energy Price Guarantee here: https://octopus.energy/blog/agile-pricing-explained/

New tariff codes are only for new customers or existing customers that wish to recontract.

Any existing customers will be on their old version until the end of their current contract.

I’d suggest contacting Octopus directly if you wish to confirm your own contractual status.


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Note: The past performance of energy pricing is not necessarily a guide to the future.

Note: there are 14 different geographical energy areas in the UK and each one has slightly different pricing as you can see in today’s graph below.

Choose one of the links below to see individual pricing just for that region.

Eastern EnglandSouthern England
East MidlandsSouth Eastern England
LondonSouthern Wales
Merseyside & Northern WalesSouth Western England
West MidlandsYorkshire
North Eastern EnglandSouthern Scotland
North Western EnglandNorthern Scotland

You can also download historical data for all 14 regional areas in CSV format via our Download Data page.