Export Tariffs – Get paid for your energy

In their infinite wisdom the government decided to pull the plug on the Feed in Tariff for new solar PV installs at the end of March 2019.

The feed in tariff was split in to two parts, Generation and Export. Export being the energy you don’t use and goes back to the grid.

Originally there was no smart technology to measure the amount being exported, so regardless of how much you actually exported you were paid for 50% of what you generated. This was known as deemed export.

As part of the Smart Export Guarantee scheme Octopus Energy offer two export tariffs using their secure smart meters – Fixed or Agile.

  • Outgoing Fixed guarantees 5.5p per kWh for every unit you export (the current FiT export price is 5.38p per kWh)
  • Outgoing Agile matches your half-hourly prices with day-ahead wholesale rates, helping you make the most of the energy you generate, with pricing very much in the same vein as their Agile Import Tariff.

Both tariffs work on actual export rather than deemed export. So if you generate a lot of energy but only use a small amount of it then you may be better off on an actual export tariff.

You can read all the FAQ on Outgoing Octopus via the Octopus website.

You can also read more about the Smart Export Guarantee scheme over on the Which website.

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Note: there are 14 different geographical energy areas in the UK and each one has slightly different pricing as you can see in today’s graph below.

Choose one of the links below to see individual pricing just for that region.

Eastern EnglandSouthern England
East MidlandsSouth Eastern England
LondonSouthern Wales
Merseyside & Northern WalesSouth Western England
West MidlandsYorkshire
North Eastern EnglandSouthern Scotland
North Western EnglandNorthern Scotland

How much extra could I earn each year?

Table showing export tariff options and indicative system size / annual generation (kWh).

Deemed export line shows the amount you’d be getting for your exports under the current FIT 50% arrangement.

Tariff% of Gen UsedUnit Price (p)10002000300040005000
FIT Deemed Export50%0.0538 £ 26.90  £ 53.80  £   80.70  £ 107.60  £ 134.50
Fixed Outgoing10%0.055 £   5.50  £ 11.00  £   16.50  £   22.00  £   27.50
Fixed Outgoing20%0.055 £ 11.00  £ 22.00  £   33.00  £   44.00  £   55.00
Fixed Outgoing30%0.055 £ 16.50  £ 33.00  £   49.50  £   66.00  £   82.50
Fixed Outgoing40%0.055 £ 22.00  £ 44.00  £   66.00  £   88.00  £ 110.00
Fixed Outgoing50%0.055 £ 27.50  £ 55.00  £   82.50  £ 110.00  £ 137.50
Fixed Outgoing60%0.055 £ 33.00  £ 66.00  £   99.00  £ 132.00  £ 165.00
Fixed Outgoing70%0.055 £ 38.50  £ 77.00  £ 115.50  £ 154.00  £ 192.50
Fixed Outgoing80%0.055 £ 44.00  £ 88.00  £ 132.00  £ 176.00  £ 220.00
Fixed Outgoing90%0.055 £ 49.50  £ 99.00  £ 148.50  £ 198.00  £ 247.50

Locations used for Sun Altitude / Angle Data

Area NameLocationLatitudeLongitude
Eastern EnglandThetford52.414570.75296
East MidlandsLeicester52.636879-1.139759
N.Wales & MerseysideCapel Garmon53.0865-3.77234
West MidlandsBirmingham52.486244-1.890401
North East EnglandDarlington54.528728-1.55305
North West EnglandLancaster54.049591-2.79843
North ScotlandAviemore57.194489-3.823812
South ScotlandTalla Linnfoots55.46718-3.37132
South East EnglandSissinghurst51.108780.56252
South EnglandWinchester51.06163-1.31051
South WalesUpper Chapel52.05448-3.44904
South West EnglandLaunceston50.636833-4.360452

Maximum Sun Altitude / Angle for all regions (last 365 days)