Export Tariffs – Get paid for your energy (London)

This page shows data from the two Octopus Outgoing (export) tariffs; Fixed and Agile.

Export tariffs are where you get paid by an energy company for the excess energy you generate (Solar PV / Wind etc).

Get the full lowdown on our dedicated Octopus Agile Outgoing page.

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Note: The past performance of energy pricing is not necessarily a guide to the future.

Agile Outgoing versus Fixed Outgoing at 5.5p per kWh (latest 48 hours)

Agile Outgoing versus Fixed Outgoing at 5.5p per kWh (last 7 days)

Agile Outgoing versus Agile Import (last 7 days)

Agile Outgoing showing Maximum, Average and Minimum (last 365 days)

Today’s Agile Outgoing Pricing

Tomorrow’s Agile Outgoing Pricing