User Configurable Dashboards

On the Agile, Agile versus Go and Agile Outgoing pages for each of the 14 DNO regions the time frames of the graphs are set.

The time and date ranges are set to provide the most relevant snapshot for the particular data displayed.

In most cases the date ranges suffice to give enough of an overview but there have been requests to be able to delve deeper into the data and the graphs.

For those who are able and willing there is the raw data. This contains every 30 minute pricing slot for each region (in CSV format) going to back February 2018 for Agile and May 2019 for Agile Outgoing.

You can grab those files from the Download Data page.

But not everyone can process that amount of data themselves, so that is where the new Dashboards feature comes in.

You can access the dashboard via and the opening page looks like this.

When you scroll down the page you’ll see most of the popular graphs from across the website.

Area Name

In the top left corner you’ll be able to choose the DNO region that you’re interested in looking at.

  • Eastern England
  • Southern England
  • East Midlands
  • South Eastern England
  • London
  • Southern Wales
  • Merseyside & Northern Wales
  • South Western England
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire
  • North Eastern England
  • Southern Scotland
  • North Western England
  • Northern Scotland

If you’re not sure what a DNO region is or which one you are in, please take a look at our DNO Region Codes Explained page.

Time Ranges

Once you’ve chosen the Area Name then it is over to the top right to choose the Time Range that you’re interested in.

As per the screen grab below there are two type of time ranges; Absolute and Relative.

Hopefully these should be pretty explanatory, but if you’re struggling there is the Grafana Documentation to help you.

As the Agile pricing data goes right back to February 2018 you could do potentially choose ‘now-700d’ without any bother. If you were to go back further than February 2018 (or May 2019 for Outgoing) then you’d see an empty graph as there is no data to show.

Please bear in mind that the more data you ask for (ie you go back further) then there may be a short delay as all the info is pulled back from the database.

I really hope you find some utility from this feature. Any problems please let me know via the Contact Form on the site.

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Note: The past performance of energy pricing is not necessarily a guide to the future.