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Note: The past performance of energy pricing is not necessarily a guide to the future.

Time of use tariffs

Time of use tariffs are the future of electricity provision. They are designed to encourage more energy use at off-peak times in order to balance nationwide demand. By design, these tariffs offer cheaper rates at certain times of the day or night, usually when demand is at its lowest. Then charge a higher rate when national demand is higher.

The benefits are two fold; national demand is managed and spread throughout the day better and customers can lower their bills by shifting their usage away from peak times.

Time of use tariffs require Smart Meters. But this combination present the perfect use case and future state of operation for energy supply and demand. Smart meters track your usage every 30 minutes and time of user tariffs can change the price of electricity every 30 minutes too.

Octopus Energy are the main supplier in the UK that are rolling out Time of Use tariffs.

Currently they have two main offerings; Agile and Go, which are detailed below.

There are many apps, products and devices that can talk to the Octopus Energy developer API to automatically choose low price energy and save you money. We have started a list of known products on our ‘Works with Octopus API’ page.

Octopus Agile Tariff

Agile works by tracking daily wholesale energy prices and providing the next days pricing by 5pm the day before. So you can plan your usage accordingly.

The tariff is perfect for electric vehicles, immersion/storage heaters, battery storage, solar PV owners or anyone who can shift their electricity use outside of the 4pm – 7pm peak.

Read more about Agile via the Octopus Energy website.

On this site we have detailed current and historical Agile pricing data for every region of the UK.

See our Octopus Agile Tariff page on this website for more details about the Agile tariff.

If you are unsure which region you fall under you can use the following region search website.

You can also download historical data for all 14 regional areas in CSV format via our Download Data page.

Octopus Go and Go Faster Tariffs

Octopus Go is an electricity tariff with a cheaper overnight rate for four hours every night (between 00:30 and 4.30 am) and a competitive flat rate for the other 20 hours of the day.

Go Faster a collection of tariffs that are slight variations on the original Go.

They are different in that the cheaper periods can be 3 hours, 4 hours or even 5 hours long and with various starting times from as early as 8:30pm through to 01:30am.

With the discounted period being different lengths to the original Go tariff, the discounted pricing can be slightly higher or lower too

These tariff is perfect for Electric Vehicle (EV) owners, those with Solar PV, battery storage, immersion / storage heaters or anyone that can run high usage appliances overnight.

You can find out more information about the Go tariff via the Octopus Energy website.

See our Octopus Go and Go Faster Tariffs page on this website for more graphs and details.

Tariff Comparison: Go versus Agile

On this part of the website we compare and contrast the pricing of the Go and Agile tariffs.

We hope this will allow you to find the correct time of use tariff to suit your individual needs.

You can find full pricing for all 14 UK geographical areas via our dedicated Octopus Go versus Agile page.

Octopus Outgoing – Get paid for your energy

Export tariffs are where you get paid by an energy company for the excess energy you generate (Solar PV / Wind etc).

Get the full lowdown on our dedicated Octopus Agile Outgoing page.


Do you have an Electric Vehicle? Solar PV Battery? Heat Pump? or any other device that needs daily charging?

If the answer is yes, use our new OctoChargeCalc tool to see what it would have cost you to charge your appliance on the Agile tariff and directly compare the same usage against a conventional fixed price tariff.

The tool will show you historical pricing going back up to a year that is specific to your charging requirements (battery capacity, charging rate etc).

Access the tool via:

Download Historical Data

You can also download historical pricing data going back to 2018 for all 14 regional areas in CSV format via our Download Data page.

User Configurable Dashboards

Gain more granular access to the underlying data via user configurable graphs. Find out more over on our Dashboards page.

Daily Pricing Tweets

Octopus Energy release the Agile pricing data around 4pm for the following day.

The Twitter account @energystatsuk summarises the data via a graph when it uploads it to this site.

If you are interested in how the graph colours are decided, please visit the dedicated Daily Graph Colour page.

Blog Posts

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